World Championship South & Central American Qualifier Updates

Updates from the South & Central American Qualifier for the 2018 William Hill World Darts Championship from Palmas, Brazil.

First Round
Bruno Holfman bye
Guilherme Soares bye
Alexandre Sattin 6-1 Fabio Porto
Luis Miguel bye
Eric Babosa 6-0 Rafael Agueria
Samuel Oliveira 6-2 Marlon Araújo
Troy Bhujhawan 6-0 André Concalves
Edson Chaves bye
Sudesh Fitzgerald 6-1 Burno Angel
Anderson Viera bye
Artur Valle 6-2 Rodrigo Pitombeira
Rodrigo Pena bye
Diogo Portlea bye
Roberto Wentz 6-2 Kevin Jacob
Lallchand Rambharose 6-4 Renan Soares

Second Round
Bruno Holfman 6-0 Guilherme Soares
Alexandre Sattin 6-4 Luis Miguel
Eric Babosa 6-3 Samuel Oliveira
Troy Bhujhawan 6-0 Edson Chaves
Sudesh Fitzgerald 6-0 Anderson Vieira
Artur Valle 6-0 Rodrigo Pena
Diogo Portela 6-0 Roberto Wentz
Lallchand Rambharose beat

Alexandre Sattin 6-2 Bruno Holfman
Troy Bhujhawan 6-3 Erica Babosa
Sudesh Fitzgerald 6-1 Artur Valle
Diogo Portela 6-0 Lallchand Rambharose

Alexandre Sattin v Troy Bhujhawan
Diogo Portela 6-3 Sudesh Fitzgerald

v Diogo Portela

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