NEW ISSUE! Peter Wright exclusive interview, Wayne Jones on winning the Challenge Tour and much, much more!

We’re back! After a hiatus over the summer, the Love The Darts magazine is back, and we’re once again weekly! Here’s what’s inside this week’s relaunch issue:

– Peter Wright chats to us in an exclusive interview from this week’s Weekly Dartscast on tinkering with his darts, his number one ambitions and more

– Wayne Jones chats to us fresh after winning the Unicorn Challenge Tour and his tour card back in Wigan this past weekend

– Our statistician Christopher Kempf gives us his Match of the Week as well as the latest Form Rankings

– Lockup Dave returns with his betting tips for this weekend’s Unibet Champions League of Darts

– Richard Edwards is also back with the latest entry in his Darting Diary

Check out the issue for free above and send any feedback to


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