Hampshire Open Updates

By Alex Moss
10 JUNE 2017 • 3:34PM

Updates from the men’s and ladies singles at the Hampshire Open, being held at The Pyramids Centre in Southsea, Portsmouth.

2017 Hampshire Open
Men’s Singles
Last 32
Robbie Martin 4-2 Scott Wapsnos
Peter Aleman lost to Ritchie Edhouse
Anthony Hayman beat Chas Barstow
Nathan Warren 4-2 Ian Harty
Sam Rooney beat Lee Turle
Paul Winter 0-4 Johnny Haines
Darren Bryant 2-4 Harry Grantham
Andy Mitchell v Dan Walker
Gary Stafford 4-3 Danny Smith
Kev Woodward 4-2 Raymond Singh
Henry Cooper beat Ross Hughes
Mark Cox 4-2 Laurence Proover
Mark Shears lost to Mike Symes
Malcolm Gould v Phillip Weeks
Scott Walters 4-1 Darren Barnes
Mark Grimes 0-4 Paul Hogan

Last 16
Robbie Martin 4-2 Ritchie Edhouse
Anthony Hayman lost to Nathan Warren
Sam Rooney lost to Johnny Haines
Harry Grantham lost to Andy Mitchell
Gary Stafford beat Kev Woodward
Henry Cooper lost to Mark Cox
Mike Symes beat Gould or Weeks
Scott Walters 0-4 Paul Hogan

Robbie Martin 4-0 Nathan Warren
Johnny Haines 2-4 Andy Mitchell
Gary Stafford beat Mark Cox
Mike Symes 4-0 Paul Hogan

Robbie Martin 5-2 Andy Mitchell
Gary Stafford 2-5 Mike Symes

Robbie Martin 4-5 Mike Symes

Ladies Singles
Last 32
(1) Maria O’Brien 4-0 Tammy McKenzie
Katie Mitchell 4-1 Sue Power
Tracy May 2-4 Donna Gleed
Nikki Stevens 4-1 Debbie Brocks
Sarah Brown 1-4 Liz Humphries
Apylee Jones 4-1 Laura Huartson
Lisa Scott 0-4 Jane Monaghan
(4) Brenda Dyer 4-0 Katie Falla
(3) Laura Turner 4-0 Val Emm
Dee Gould bye
Maxine Cadwallader 4-1 Jan Thomas
Tara Deamer 4-1 Cat Callard
Linda Delpinto 2-4 Suzy Trickett
Leanne Topper 4-1 Katie Huartson
Emma Everett 2-4 Dawn Simmonds
(2) Casey Gallagher 4-1 Cathy Campbell

Last 16
(1) Maria O’Brien 4-0 Katie Mitchell
Donna Gleed 4-0 Nikki Stevens
Liz Humphries 1-4 Apylee Jones
Jane Monaghan 0-4 (4) Brenda Dyer
(3) Laura Turner 4-0 Dee Gould
Maxne Cadwallader 0-4 Tara Deamer
Suzy Trickett 2-4 Leanne Topper
Dawn Simmonds 1-4 (2) Casey Gallagher

(1) Maria O’Brien 4-1 Donna Gleed
Apylee Jones 3-4 (4) Brenda Dyer
(3) Laura Turner 4-3 Tara Deamer
Leanne Topper v (2) Casey Gallagher

(1) Maria O’Brien beat (4) Brenda Dyer
(3) Laura Turner beat Topper or Gallagher

(1) Maria O’Brien 5-1 (3) Laura Turner

Picture: Twitter @HCDOdarts


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