Canada’s Jeff Smith among qualifiers for the BDO World Trophy later this month

By Alex Moss
12 MAY 2017 • 2:56PM 

Canada’s Jeff Smith was among three players to come through the BDO World Trophy Qualifiers at Pontins Prestatyn this afternoon.

The 2016 BDO World Championship runner-up won three deciders on his way to qualifying for the event, beating both Lee Shewan and Lee Richards 4-3 in the earlier rounds, before edging past Rhys Hayden 5-4 in the final round.

English duo Martin Atkins and Carl Dennel were the other two to qualify and both will make their World Trophy debuts later this month.

2017 BDO World Trophy Qualifiers
Men’s Draw
Fourth Round
Wayne Warren 4-0 Matthew Padgett
Lee Richards 3-4 Jeff Smith
Lloyd Browning 0-4 Rhys Hayden
Mitchell Butler 4-1 Thomas Lovely
Carl Dennel 4-2 Glen Mcgrandle
Stephen Carrett 2-4 John O’Shea
Tom Gregory 4-2 Richie Edwards
Neil Duff 2-4 Steve Robertson
Ross Gilder 1-4 Daniel Day
Gary Stafford 4-2 Micky Stocks
Nathan Girvan 1-4 Dave Parletti
David Airey 3-4 Martin C Atkins

Fifth Round
Wayne Warren 1-4 Jeff Smith
Rhys Hayden 4-2 Mitchell Butler
Carl Dennel 4-3 John O’Shea
Tom Gregory 3-4 Steve Robertson
Daniel Day 4-3 Gary Stafford
Dave Parletti 3-4 Martin C Atkins

Final Round
Jeff Smith 5-4 Rhys Hayden
Carl Dennel 5-4 Steve Robertson
Daniel Day 0-5 Martin C Atkins


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