Scott Mitchell moves up to third in BDO rankings after Denmark Open victory

By Alex Moss
5 MAY 2017 • 9:07PM

Scott Mitchell has moved up to third in the BDO Men’s Rolling Rankings after his win in the Denmark Open at the weekend.

The 2015 BDO world champion defeated Belgium’s Andy Baetens 6-1 in the final on Saturday to win his second ranking event of 2017.

Mitchell, who was in fourth before the latest update, climbs above Jamie Hughes into third in the rankings, while Ross Montgomery has moved up two spaces from eighth to sixth.

The Scot enjoyed runs to the semi-finals of both the Denmark Open and Masters at the weekend, results which have helped him continue his recent rise up the BDO rankings.

Elsewhere, Geert de Vos and Darryl Fitton have both climbed up two spaces to seventh and eighth respectively, while Darius Labanauskas has slipped from sixth to 12th.

The Lithuanian won the Denmark Open last year, and also reached the quarter-finals of the Denmark Masters 12 months ago, but his best run this time round was to the last 16 of the Masters.

This weekend’s events include the Cleveland Extravaganza, as well as the Finnish Open and Finnish Masters, while the scheduled Floreal Open and Floreal Masters were both recently cancelled.

BDO Men’s Rolling Rankings (as of May 2, 2017)

Pos  Player Pts
1  Glen Durrant 415
2  Mark McGeeney 348
3  Scott Mitchell 345
4  Jamie Hughes 335
5  Dean Reynolds 299
6  Ross Montgomery 269
7  Geert de Vos 259
8  Darryl Fitton 258
9  Danny Noppert 257
=  Wesley Harms 257
11  Scott Waites 252
12  Darius Labanauskas 245
13  Martin Phillips 244
14  Martin Adams 243
=  Nick Kenny 243
16  Richard Veenstra 228
17  Jim Williams 209
18  Brian Dawson 195
19  James Hurrell 194
=  Wayne Warren 194
21  Willem Mandigers 188
22  Wouter Vaes 186
23  Andy Fordham 185
24  Kyle McKinstry 184
25  Conan Whitehead 180
=  Gary Robson 180
27  Andy Baetens 179
28  Tony O’Shea 158
29  Scott Baker 151
30  David Cameron 144
=  Richie Edwards 144
32  Garry Thompson 143


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