EXCLUSIVE: ‘Playing in the PDC is still high on my agenda’ says BDO world champion Glen Durrant

By Alex Moss
26 APRIL 2017 • 8:07PM

Glen Durrant has revealed that playing in the PDC is still something that is high on his agenda.

The BDO number one, who won the BDO World Championship for the first time in January, decided not to enter Qualifying School this year to try and win a tour card on the PDC circuit.

But in an exclusive interview on this week’s Weekly Dartscast, the official podcast of the Love The Darts magazine, Durrant says he has not ruled out crossing the darting divide completely.

“I feel very happy about my decision not to go to Q-School,” he said. “Every day I look at that (BDO World Championship) trophy and I’m representing the BDO.

“There’s one last challenge in my eyes and that’s Q-School and the PDC.”

When asked if he would have accepted an automatic tour card onto the PDC circuit, rather than playing at Q-School a few days after winning his maiden world title, Durrant said: “Yes, I would have took the card.

“I think only people who won Lakeside (know), there’s no way I could throw a dart three days after winning Lakeside. Absolutely no way. Emotionally, physically, the last thing on my mind was playing darts.

“The pressure of being the favourite and the number one seed (at Lakeside) really got to me this year and my body sort of shut down as soon as that winning double went in.

“I’d of got walloped at Q-School, I just wouldn’t have been mentally ready for that.

“It’s still something that’s high on the agenda. I said, if Barry Hearn (PDC chairman) is watching I would accept the card. What people don’t realise is you sign a contract with Lakeside as well, and there’s no way I was going to court over the £100,000 winnings.”

* Listen to our full interview with Glen Durrant on this week’s Weekly Dartscast podcast via the player below!


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