Episode 14 – Wayne Jones and Jonathan Cairney Interviews, Euro Tour Review, Premier League Re- and Preview

By Alex Moss
19 APRIL 2017 • 7:12AM

The Weekly Dartscast is the brand new podcast for darts fans. Editor of the Love The Darts magazine Alex Moss and darts statistician Burton DeWitt provide pre- and post-tournament analysis, observations, opinions and interviews with darts sources, players and fans.

In this week’s episode of the Weekly Dartscast, listen as the team recaps MvG’s first European Tour title of 2017, Jelle Klaasen’s successes despite his wrist injury, as well as Week 11 of the Premier League.

They are joined by two guests this week. First, Wayne Jones comes on to talk about his two wins at the weekend on the Challenge Tour and his aspirations to regain a tour card. Then, Jonathan Cairney joins to discuss the play he co-wrote, Jocky Wilson Said, about the late two-time World Champion, ahead of its performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

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