Premier League Prediction League Standings (after week two)

By Darts Weekly Staff
12 FEBRUARY 2017 •10:06PM

By popular demand our prediction league has returned and will run during the 2017 Premier League season.

It is free to enter and the player with the most points at the end of the competition will win a signed UK Open Riley’s Amateur Qualifiers flyer signed by one-time participant Alex Moss!

Three points are awarded for correcting the right result and scoreline, while one point is awarded for guessing the correct result.

After Judgement Night (Week Nine), each player will have the opportunity to play a joker card during one of the weeks between 10 and 15.

Any points won during that week will be doubled with the use of the joker, but it can only be played for one week so use it wisely. If a player wants to play their joker they must specify BEFORE the evening’s play has begun.

Latest Standings (after week two)
19 – Sarah Collins. (@team_themachine)
18 – Jabba (@jabba1892)
17 – Tom Parker (@TheColonelTP)
16 – Darts Fan (@AmazingDart); Richard Edwards (@ricky_edwards80)
15 – shane wilkinson (@HarrierShane); James Robinson (@JRTerrier24); Price Perception (@PricePerceivers); Mike Yates #48 (@CaptMikeYates); Rafal Beder (@RafaBeder)
13 – Johnny Maher (@johnnymaher76); – (@Phenohyte180); Matt’s Glory Days (@unitedmixer89); Andrew Devonshire (@A_Devonshire180)
12 – Finlay Ferguson (@FXTWO)
11 – James Denson (@OfficialDenno97); john cpm (@cpm_john_); jamie muir (@nutsack007); Scott Pirie (@Spirie501)
10 – Robin van Aalst (@Rva03); Artur Michalak (@ArturMichalak88); Matt (@ycfc_matty); Babedi Darts Tips (@dartsbybabedi); Carl Fletcher (@CarlyFletch)
9 – Del (@DE180Y); TheWack (@TheWack180); Christopher Kempf (@ochepedia)
8 – Jack Curtis (@jackcurtis90); Josh’s Dartistry (@JoshsDartistry); TheRealArba (@RealArba); missa marshall (@jafoolee)
7 – Matt (@mattloxston)
6 – TheDarts Tipster (@pdcbdotips); simon (@sibbersonics); Luke Etheridge (@LukeEtheridge95); Ryan garraton (@RyanG180); ben1987 (@ben1987)
5 – Norbert Sinkiewicz (@NSinkiewicz); Ed (@Eddiethegoat); Warren Allsworth (@warrenallsworth); Stan (@StanTheGull); Matthew Maguire (@BobTheMelon); DarrenB1878 (@DarrenBarnard1); Kev McAlpine (@Kev_McAlpine)
4 – ⒿⒸⓡⓔⓔ⑤⓪① ‏(@JohnnyCree); Domenic Belisle (@DBelisle22); Jay Bennett (@jb738559); Paul Hackett (@Hackett_MUFC)
3 – Lockup Dave (@LockupTipster); Matt (@matthawk3); Darts Writer (@sportswriter94); Cush_8 (@Cush_8)
2 – Mick Donegan (@donegan_mick); Hayden Johnson (@hjvilla95); Carl Foxton (@CarlFoxy91); TRADING TOPPS (@Kick_Topps_1999)
1 – Paul Briggs (@starman180); Dartsfan (@dartsfan7)


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