BAUHAUS Dutch Open Final Day Updates

By Darts Weekly Staff
5 FEBRUARY 2017 •11:35AM

Updates from the final day of the 2017 BAUHAUS Dutch Open.

Men’s last 32
Craig Quinn 3-4 Sietse Lap
Richard Huizinga 4-0 Richard Kimmann
Rhys Griffin 4-2 Vincent van der Meer
Martin Atkins 3-4 Wesley Harms
Martijn Kleermaker 4-2 Rhys Hayden
Willem Mandigers 4-1 Toon Greebe
Rick Hofstra 4-2 Mark Schlaghecke
Andy Baetens 2-4 Mark McGeeney
Dean Reynolds 4-2 Sven Wens
Kenny Neyens 4-3 Rowdy Schoremans
Ross Montgomery 4-3 Ahmad Ahmaddy
Davy van Baelen 3-4 Martin Adams
Darryl Fitton 3-4 Richie Edwards
Davy van der Zande 4-2 Kevin Wensink
Justin van Tergouw 4-0 Patrick Slor
Stephen Rose 2-4 Scott Mitchell

Last 16
Sietse Lap 3-4 Richard Huizinga
Rhys Griffin 4-3 Wesley Harms
Martijn Kleermaker 2-4 Willem Mandigers
Rick Hofstra 1-4 Mark McGeeney
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Kenny Neyens
Ross Montgomery 4-3 Martin Adams
Richie Edwards 4-2 Davy van der Zande
Justin van Tergouw 0-4 Scott Mitchell

Richard Huizinga 2-5 Rhys Griffin
Willem Mandigers 3-5 Mark McGeeney
Dean Reynolds 4-5 Ross Montgomery
Richie Edwards 3-5 Scott Mitchell

Rhys Griffin 1-2 Mark McGeeney
Ross Montgomery 2-0 Scott Mitchell

Mark McGeeney 3-1 Ross Montgomery


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