William Hill World Darts Championship PDPA Qualifier Updates

By Darts Weekly Staff
28 NOVEMBER 2016 • 9:02AM – UPDATED 3:29PM

Updates from today’s William Hill World Darts Championship PDPA Qualifer at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan.

The qualifier is the last chance for players to qualify for next month’s World Championship, as PDPA members compete to secure their place in the PDC’s biggest event.

Four places are now on offer in the World Championship, with the PDPA Qualifier winner going into the first round draw and the other three qualifiers entering in the preliminary round.

Play will start at 11am, with the draw being made at 10am following the close of registration.

All matches will be the best of nine legs, with results to be updated below throughout the day.

William Hill World Darts Championship PDPA Qualifier
First Round

Keegan Brown (1) v Bye
Sam Head 4-5 Jim Walker
Lee Moffat 5-2 Roger Scrivens
Mark Lawrence 3-5 Darren Brown
Mark Frost (16) 5-1 Adam Hunt
Darron Brown 2-5 Brett Claydon
Colin Fowler 5-3 Sean Johnson
Peter Hudson 5-3 Kevin Lane
Wayne Jones (8) v Bye
Arron Monk 3-5 Matt Dennant
Nick Fullwell 4-5 Kirk Shepherd
Ritchie Edhouse 5-1 Michael Blake
Andy Jenkins (9) v Bye
Jason Lovett 5-4 Darren Mawer
Lee Shewan 5-1 Jack Todd
Garath Illidge 0-5 Ian Lever
Dirk van Duijvenbode (5) v Bye
Simon Stevenson 5-3 Richie Corner
Ricky Williams 5-2 Gary Stone
Ryan Palmer 5-1 Alan Wilkinson
James Richardson (12) v Bye
Kevin Dowling 5-3 Mark Hylton
Kurt Parry 5-3 Mark Forman
Mark Walsh 5-1 Nigel Boeg
Wes Newton (4) v Bye
Steve Evans 1-5 Barrie Bates
David Evans 1-5 Matt Edgar
Fabian Herz 0-5 Eddie Dootson
Paul Nicholson (13) 5-2 Johnny Haines
Michael Barnard 5-2 Terry Temple
Stuart Stubbs 5-1 Terry Creed
Scott Taylor 5-4 Brian Woods
Andy Hamilton (2) v Bye
Scott Dale 5-2 Robert Owen
James Hubbard 5-1 Billy Holmes
John Bowles 5-3 Michael Power
Darren Johnson (15) 5-1 James Young
Dave Ladley 1-5 Martyn Turner
Alan Tabern 3-5 Mick Todd
Callum Loose 3-5 Yordi Meeuwisse
Ronnie Baxter (7) v Bye
Matt Clark 5-3 Mark Barilli
Jay Foreman 5-4 Lee Palfreyman
Jamie Bain 5-2 Martin Thomas
Stuart Kellett (10) v Bye
Ted Evetts 1-5 Nigel Heydon
Nigel Daniels 5-2 Jason Wilson
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Joey Palfreyman
Andy Boulton (6) v Bye
Steve Hine 4-5 Dennis Smith
Josh Richardson 2-5 Nathan Derry
Ryan Harrington 1-5 Chris Quantock
Andy Smith (11) v Bye
Jonathon Worsley 5-2 Ian Withers
Kevin Garcia 1-5 Ross Smith
Jamie Robinson v Kelvin Hart
David Pallett (3) v Bye
Tony Newell 4-5 Paul Milford
Harry Robinson 5-4 Curtis Hammond
Coni Singh Nagi 5-0 Ian Moss
Nathan Aspinall (14) 5-0 Richard Baillie
Ryan Meikle 2-5 Prakash Jiwa
Simon Preston 1-5 Kevin Simm
Jason Marriott 4-5 Stephen McNally

Second Round
Keegan Brown (1) 5-4 Jim Walker
Lee Moffat 1-5 Darren Brown
Mark Frost (16) 5-1 Brett Claydon
Colin Fowler 1-5 Peter Hudson
Wayne Jones (8) 2-5 Matt Dennant
Kirk Shepherd 3-5 Ritchie Edhouse
Andy Jenkins (9) 5-1 Jason Lovett
Lee Shewan 4-5 Ian Lever
Dirk van Duijvenbode (5) 3-5 Simon Stevenson
Ricky Williams 5-4 Ryan Palmer
James Richardson (12) 5-3 Kevin Dowling
Kurt Parry 5-1 Mark Walsh
Wes Newton (4) 2-5 Barrie Bates
Matt Edgar 5-2 Eddie Dootson
Paul Nicholson (13) 2-5 Michael Barnard
Stuart Stubbs 2-5 Scott Taylor
Andy Hamilton (2) 5-4 Scott Dale
James Hubbard 0-5 John Bowles
Darren Johnson (15) 5-3 Martyn Turner
Mick Todd 5-4 Yordi Meeuwisse
Ronnie Baxter (7) 5-0 Matt Clark
Jay Foreman 2-5 Jamie Bain
Stuart Kellett (10) 5-1 Nigel Heydon
Nigel Daniels 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Andy Boulton (6) 5-1 Dennis Smith
Nathan Derry 5-4 Chris Quantock
Andy Smith (11) 2-5 Jonathon Worsley
Ross Smith 5-3 Kevin Hart
David Pallett (3) 4-5 Paul Milford
Harry Robinson 5-4 Coni Singh Nagi
Nathan Aspinall (14) 4-5 Prakash Jiwa
Kevin Simm 5-4 Stephen McNally

Third Round
Keegan Brown (1) 5-0 Darren Brown
Mark Frost (16) 5-3 Peter Hudson
Matt Dennant 4-5 Ritchie Edhouse
Andy Jenkins (9) 5-3 Ian Lever
Simon Stevenson 5-3 Ricky Williams
James Richardson (12) 4-5 Kurt Parry
Barrie Bates 5-3 Matt Edgar
Michael Barnard 2-5 Scott Taylor
Andy Hamilton (2) 3-5 John Bowles
Darren Johnson (15) 5-2 Mick Todd
Ronnie Baxter (7) 5-3 Jamie Bain
Stuart Kellett (10) 5-3 Nigel Daniels
Andy Boulton (6) 5-2 Nathan Derry
Jonathon Worsley 3-5 Ross Smith
Paul Milford 5-4 Harry Robinson
Prakash Jiwa 3-5 Kevin Simm

Fourth Round
Keegan Brown (1) 4-5 Mark Frost (16)
Ritchie Edhouse 5-2 Andy Jenkins (9)
Simon Stevenson 5-4 Kurt Parry
Barrie Bates 4-5 Scott Taylor
John Bowles 5-3 Darren Johnson (15)
Ronnie Baxter (7) 3-5 Stuart Kellett (10)
Ross Smith 5-3 Andy Boulton (6)
Paul Milford 2-5 Kevin Simm

Mark Frost (16) 5-3 Ritchie Edhouse – Mark Frost qualifies
Simon Stevenson 5-2 Scott Taylor – Simon Stevenson qualifies
John Bowles 5-3 Stuart Kellett (10) – John Bowles qualifies
Ross Smith 2-5 Kevin Simm – Kevin Simm qualifies

Mark Frost (16) 5-4 Simon Stevenson
John Bowles 0-5 Kevin Simm

Mark Frost (16) 5-3 Kevin Simm

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