Peter Wright: When my form starts Michael van Gerwen won’t be on the same planet

Ladbrokes World Series of Darts Finals, Braehead
Peter Wright lost to Michael van Gerwen in the Ladbrokes World Series of Darts Finals on Sunday night CREDIT: STEVE WELSH/PDC

By Darts Weekly Staff
9 NOVEMBER 2016 • 9:39AM

Peter Wright is adamant he now has the darts which will help him end Michael van Gerwen’s dominance in the PDC.

The world number five was narrowly beaten 11-9 by van Gerwen in the final of the Ladbrokes World Series of Darts Finals on Sunday night, in what was his sixth televised final defeat to the Dutchman.

But Wright insists his new set up is going to help him surpass van Gerwen’s form and land him his first televised title.

In an interview with the Diamond Geezer website after Sunday’s final defeat, Wright said: “I didn’t feel I got close in the final to be honest. I was miles away in my mind. I had chances to level up the game. But saying that Michael missed four darts to win it.

“It would have been nice to go 10-10 and go down to the last leg like last year.

“I’m just really angry with myself. I’m pleased in one way that the darts are working now.

“I’ve said to Red Dragon that you have found the darts eventually after all these years.

“Now it’s just up to me tinkering with the point, stem and flight. They’ve done a fantastic job. Watch out, I’m only just starting with these darts.

“I’m looking forward to the rest of the year, I’m going to be flying. No one has seen anything yet.

“I know what I’ve got to do to stop Michael. When my form starts Michael won’t be on the same planet.

“These darts will make sure that I’m doing what Michael is currently doing but even better. But I’ll get to Michael, I will do.”


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