BICC October 1-2 results


Check out all the results from this weekend’s BICC fixtures here.

Premier Division
Devon 19-17 Essex
Glamorgan 15-21 Cheshire
Lancashire 24-12 Cambridgeshire
Lincolnshire 10-26 Yorkshire
Warwickshire 21-15 Nottinghamshire

Division One
Cornwall 17-19 Gwent
Dorset 20-16 County Durham
Kent 12-24 Hampshire
Oxfordshire 19-17 London
West Midlands 24-12 Cleveland

Division Two
Cumbria 24-12 Derbyshire
Hertfordshire 15-21 Surrey
Northumberland 18-18 Berkshire
Staffordshire 22-14 Worcestershire
Suffolk 11-25 Northamptonshire

Division Three
Buckinghamshire 15-21 Gwynedd
Leicestershire 10-26 Merseyside
Montgomery and Radnor 17-19 Gloucestershire
Sussex 23-13 Tyne and Wear

Division Four
Middlesex 17-19 Norfolk
Shropshire 13-23 West of England
Wiltshire 22-14 Clwyd

Scotland North
Fife 10-18 Highland
Central 14-14 Perthshire
Angus 8-20 Grampian
Tay Valley 13-15 East Stirlingshire

Scotland South
Ayrshire 21-7 Clackmannanshire
Lothian 18-10 Lanarkshire
Borders 27-1 West Lothian


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