Phil Taylor ordered to pay ex-wife over £830,000 in divorce deal

Lost out: Phil Taylor has had to pay £830,000 to his ex-wife Yvonne

Phil Taylor has been ordered to pay his ex-wife an £830,000 lump sum in their divorce deal.

The 16-time world champion split from Yvonne after 26 years of marriage in 2014 and this week it has reported he will pay the cash to his estranged wife following their marriage breakdown.

A judge sitting at Nottingham County Court also found Taylor will pay Yvonne £149,000 in pension costs, as well as hand over ownership of a holiday home in Tenerife and three other properties.

The court judgement states: “They met when they were very young and began to co-habit in 1982 in their very early 20s.

“They were married in 1988 and the marriage produced four children Lisa, Christopher, Kelly and Natalie.

“Their marriage continued for a very substantial period of time, although unfortunately it ran into difficulties, causing separation in 2011.

“They attempted reconciliation but unfortunately that too was unsuccessful, and their final separation occurred in the early part of 2014.”

It was estimated at the sitting that Taylor’s ex-wife Yvonne needs an estimated £50,000 a year to live on and will be travelling to Stoke on Trent to look after investment properties they already had in the area.

The court judgement concluded: “The wife needs security. She has no realistic opportunity to improve upon her position.

“In my judgement the starting point is obviously that each is entitled to an equal share.”


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