Glen Durrant lifts England Masters crown to complete hat-trick of titles in Selsey

Picture: England Darts Organisation

Glen Durrant beat Ross Montgomery in the England Masters final to complete a hat-trick of titles in Selsey today.

The BDO number one had earlier got the better of Scott Mitchell to win the England Matchplay, before teaming up with Martin Atkins to lift the England Classic men’s pairs trophy.

Durrant edged past Montgomery 6-3 in the England Masters final, finishing with a 33.46 one dart average to win his third title of the day.

Montgomery made a strong start to the final with a 127 checkout, but Durrant hit back with three legs in a row to take a commanding 3-1 lead.

The Scot held throw in leg five to cut his deficit to one leg, before crucially missing one dart to level in the next leg as the World Masters champion regained his two-leg cushion to go 4-2 in front.

Montgomery responded with a 102 checkout to close to 4-3 behind, but Durrant posted legs of 16 and 13 darts to close out a 6-3 win.

Deta Hedman got over her earlier disappointment of losing in the England Matchplay ladies decider to claim victory in the England Classic ladies final.

After racing into a 3-0 lead, Hedman closed out the win with a 111 checkout to beat Anastasia Dobromyslova 5-1 in the final.

2016 England Masters Draw
Last 256
Glen Durrant (1) bye
Andy Fordham 4-2 Matthew Dicken
Stephen Carrett bye
Adam Mould bye
Rhys Hayden bye
Kevin Fishwick bye
Lee Smyth 3-4 Michael Baker
Keith Weller bye
Jason Cox bye
Mark Blandford 4-3 Lewis Gurney
Darren Clifford bye
Ben Cunningham bye
Owen Maiden bye
Matt Harris bye
Danny Brown 0-4 James Clifton
Martin C Atkins (16) bye
Jim Williams (9) bye
Lionel Webster 1-4 Mark Grimes
Steven Smyth bye
George Cressey bye
Stephen Lovett bye
Dan Shaw bye
Josh McCarthy 4-3 Jack Neary
Ben West bye
Fred Box bye
Andrew Hughes 4-1 Morris Hughes
Lee Ward bye
Dan Cole bye
Mark Gallagher bye
Steven Allen bye
Henry Reddin 3-4 Scott Chatterton
Dean Reynolds (8) bye
Wesley Harms (5) bye
Mark Joslin 0-4 Paul Hogan
Aaron Searle bye
Martin Atkins bye
Darren Barnes bye
Alan Brown bye
Craig Hill 3-4 Simon Stainton
Alan Bell bye
Simon Annett bye
Adam Beck 2-4 Graham Innis
Kev Martin bye
Nick Kenny bye
Andrew Tompkins bye
Kurtis Atkins bye
Albert Hughes 0-4 Mark Craddock
Richard Veenstra (12) bye
Gary Robson (13) bye
Geoff Heath 0-4 Ted Hankey
Mick Nixon bye
Bradley Leishman bye
Wouter Vaes bye
Cliff Prior 4-0 Kevin Clark
Stephen Lennon 2-4 Jimmy Hendriks
Ray Hammond bye
Ryan McCarthy bye
J Washer 3-4 Charlie Driscoll
Gary Stafford bye
Sam Brough bye
Dave Pinto bye
Andy Gurr bye
Kyle McKinstry 4-1 Jamie Holmes
Darryl Fitton (4) bye
Scott Waites (3) bye
Mark Redford 0-4 Bradley Kirk
Jamie Venning bye
Jeffrey Sparidaans bye
Dave Bourne bye
Ryan Hogarth 4-3 Simon Power
Zach Luke 4-0 Ben Bowler
Russell Sabin bye
Steve Douglas bye
Keith Carter 0-4 Ben Cheeseman
Ryan Newton bye
Dave Parletti bye
James Hurrell bye
Allan Edwards bye
Matthew Barnard 4-3 Kallum Graham
Ross Montgomery (14) bye
Tony O’Shea (11) bye
Jason Heaver 4-3 Lee Shewan
Jake Emery bye
Jon Pelling bye
Myles Avory bye
Trevor Sturgess 0-4 Martin Stead
Graham Dutton 2-4 Adam Howard
Charlie Millard bye
Nathan Perry bye
Gavin Rolfe lost to Dave Creasy
Dave Anderson bye
Pip Blackwell bye
Wayne France bye
Kieran Smith bye
John Ross 2-4 Tony Andrews
Mark McGeeney (6) bye
Darius Labanauskas (7) bye
Martyn Pegram 1-4 Jack Seymour
Madars Razma bye
Peter Crossley bye
Richard Mercer bye
Phillip Troop 0-4 Stephen Rose
Kevin Hill lost to Lloyd Pennell
Joe Gasson bye
Will Fisher bye
Mark Calver lost to Richard Edwards
Conan Whitehead bye
Michael Peel bye
Matthew Powell bye
Tyler Radlett bye
Graham Harris 4-3 Jason Poole
Brian Dawson (10) bye
Dennis Harbour (15) bye
Dave Barrett lost to Richard Rawlings
Ken Sowerby bye
Ian Jopling bye
Sven Verdonck bye
Tom Davies lost to Shaun Carroll
Paul Egginton 0-4 Mick George
Connor Levett bye
Richard Leather bye
Paul Brown 4-1 Gary Fluen
Bryn Suckley bye
Ray Wiley bye
William Burksfield bye
Ian Glass bye
Scott Charlton 2-4 Shaun Lovett
Scott Mitchell (2) bye

Last 128
Glen Durrant (1) 4-0 Andy Fordham
Stephen Carrett 4-2 Adam Mould
Rhys Hayden 4-2 Kevin Fishwick
Michael Baker 4-1 Keith Weller
Jason Cox 3-4 Mark Blandford
Darren Clifford 4-0 Ben Cunningham
Owen Maiden beat Matt Harris
James Clifton 4-3 Martin C Atkins (16)
Jim Williams (9) 3-4 Mark Grimes
Steven Smyth 1-4 George Cressey
Stephen Lovett 4-0 Dan Shaw
Josh McCarthy 4-0 Ben West
Fred Box 0-4 Andrew Hughes
Lee Ward 2-4 Dan Cole
Mark Gallagher 3-4 Steve Allen
Scott Chatterton 2-4 Dean Reynolds (8)
Wesley Harms (5) 3-4 Paul Hogan
Aaron Searle 1-4 Martin Atkins
Darren Barnes 2-4 Alan Brown
Simon Stainton 0-4 Alan Bell
Simon Annett 1-4 Graham Innis
Kev Martin 0-4 Nick Kenny
Andrew Tompkins 3-4 Kurtis Atkins
Mark Craddock 2-4 Richard Veenstra (12)
Gary Robson (13) 4-3 Ted Hankey
Mick Nixon 2-4 Bradley Leishman
Wouter Vaes 2-4 Cliff Prior
Jimmy Hendriks 4-0 Ray Hammond
Ryan McCarthy 1-4 Charlie Driscoll
Gary Stafford 4-1 Sam Brough
Dave Pinto 0-4 Andy Gurr
Kyle McKinstry 2-4 Darryl Fitton (4)
Scott Waites (3) 2-4 Bradley Kirk
Jamie Venning 0-4 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Dave Bourne 1-4 Ryan Hogarth
Zach Luke 4-0 Russell Sabin
Steve Douglas 2-4 Ben Cheeseman
Ryan Newton 0-4 Dave Parletti
James Hurrell 1-4 Allan Edwards
Matthew Barnard 0-4 Ross Montgomery (14)
Tony O’Shea (11) 4-0 Jason Heaver
Jake Emery 4-0 Jon Pelling
Myles Avory 3-4 Martin Stead
Adam Howard 1-4 Charlie Millard
Nathan Perry 4-1 Dave Creasy
Dave Anderson 1-4 Pip Blackwell
Wayne France 2-4 Kieran Smith
Tony Andrews 4-2 Mark McGeeney (6)
Darius Labanauskas (7) 4-0 Jack Seymour
Madars Razma 4-1 Peter Crossley
Richard Mercer 0-4 Stephen Rose
Lloyd Pennell 4-0 Joe Gasson
Will Fisher 1-4 Richard Edwards
Conan Whitehead 4-1 Michael Peel
Matthew Powell 1-4 Tyler Radlett
Graham Harris 3-4 Brian Dawson (10)
Dennis Harbour (15) 4-0 Richard Rawlings
Ken Sowerby 4-1 Ian Jopling
Sven Verdonck lost to Shaun Carroll
Mick George 4-3 Connor Levett
Richard Leather 1-4 Paul Brown
Bryn Suckley 4-0 Ray Wiley
William Burksfield 4-0 Ian Glass
Shaun Lovett 1-4 Scott Mitchell (2)

Last 64
Glen Durrant (1) 4-0 Stephen Carrett
Rhys Hayden 4-1 Michael Baker
Mark Blandford 0-4 Darren Clifford
Owen Maiden 4-2 James Clifton
Mark Grimes 4-2 George Cressey
Stephen Lovett 4-2 Josh McCarthy
Andrew Hughes 1-4 Dan Cole
Steve Allen 1-4 Dean Reynolds (8)
Paul Hogan 3-4 Martin Atkins
Alan Brown 1-4 Alan Bell
Graham Innis 1-4 Nick Kenny
Kurtis Atkins 1-4 Richard Veenstra (12)
Gary Robson (13) 4-0 Bradley Leishman
Cliff Prior 4-2 Jimmy Hendriks
Charlie Driscoll 0-4 Gary Stafford
Andy Gurr 0-4 Darryl Fitton (4)
Bradley Kirk 4-2 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Ryan Hogarth 4-0 Zach Luke
Ben Cheeseman 0-4 Dave Parletti
Allan Edwards 2-4 Ross Montgomery (14)
Tony O’Shea (11) 4-0 Jake Emery
Martin Stead 4-1 Charlie Millard
Nathan Perry 3-4 Pip Blackwell
Kieran Smith 4-1 Tony Andrews
Darius Labanauskas (7) 4-2 Madars Razma
Stephen Rose 4-3 Lloyd Pennell
Richard Edwards 3-4 Conan Whitehead
Tyler Radlett 0-4 Brian Dawson (10)
Dennis Harbour (15) 4-1 Ken Sowerby
Shaun Carroll 4-1 Mick George
Paul Brown 2-4 Bryn Suckley
William Burksfield 4-0 Scott Mitchell (2)

Last 32
Glen Durrant (1) 4-2 Rhys Hayden
Darren Clifford 4-2 Owen Maiden
Mark Grimes 3-4 Stephen Lovett
Dan Cole 1-4 Dean Reynolds (8)
Martin Atkins 4-2 Alan Bell
Nick Kenny 4-3 Richard Veenstra (12)
Gary Robson (13) 4-0 Cliff Prior
Gary Stafford 0-4 Darryl Fitton (4)
Bradley Kirk 4-3 Ryan Hogarth
Dave Parletti 2-4 Ross Montgomery (14)
Tony O’Shea (11) 2-4 Martin Stead
Pip Blackwell 3-4 Kieran Smith
Darius Labanauskas (7) 1-4 Stephen Rose
Conan Whitehead 4-3 Brian Dawson (10)
Dennis Harbour (15) 4-2 Shaun Carroll
Bryn Suckley 4-1 William Burksfield

Last 16
Glen Durrant (1) 4-3 Darren Clifford
Stephen Lovett 1-4 Dean Reynolds (8)
Martin Atkins 3-4 Nick Kenny
Gary Robson (13) 3-4 Darryl Fitton (4)
Bradley Kirk 2-4 Ross Montgomery (14)
Martin Stead 4-3 Kieran Smith
Stephen Rose 4-1 Conan Whitehead
Dennis Harbour (15) 4-2 Bryn Suckley

Glen Durrant (1) 5-4 Dean Reynolds (8) – Dean Reynolds hit a nine darter
Nick Kenny 0-5 Darryl Fitton (4)
Ross Montgomery (14) 5-2 Martin Stead
Stephen Rose 5-1 Dennis Harbour (15)

Glen Durrant (1) 6-4 Darryl Fitton (4)
Ross Montgomery (14) 6-2 Stephen Rose

Glen Durrant (1) 6-3 Ross Montgomery (14)

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