Glen Durrant and Lisa Ashton claim England Matchplay titles in Selsey

Picture: England Darts Organisation

Glen Durrant and Lisa Ashton both claimed England Matchplay titles in Selsey this afternoon.

BDO number one Durrant edged past former world champion Scott Mitchell 6-3 in the men’s final, while Ashton clinched victory after beating Deta Hedman 6-5 in the ladies final.

Both players will be hoping to add to their trophy haul later this evening, with Durrant set to take on Ross Montgomery in the England Masters final, as well as the men’s pairs final when he teams up with Martin Atkins to face Steve Carrett and Dennis Harbour.

Meanwhile Ashton’s hopes of more success in Selsey this weekend rests of the England Classic, with the former world champion set to take on Anastasia Dobromyslova in the semi-finals.

2016 England Matchplay
Men’s Quarter-Finals
Mark McGeeney 4-3 Gary Robson
Scott Mitchell 4-1 Tony O’Shea
Jamie Hughes 4-2 Paul Hogan
Glen Durrant 4-1 Allan Edwards

Mark McGeeney 2-5 Scott Mitchell
Jamie Hughes 2-5 Glen Durrant

Scott Mitchell 3-6 Glen Durrant

2016 England Matchplay
Ladies Quarter-Finals
Deta Hedman 4-3 Trina Gulliver
Fallon Sherrock 4-3 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Claire Brookin 4-0 Paula Jacklin
Lisa Ashton 4-0 Maggie Sutton

Deta Hedman 5-2 Fallon Sherrock
Claire Brookin 2-5 Lisa Ashton

Deta Hedman 5-6 Lisa Ashton


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