Teams revealed for Six Nations Cup in Ireland next month


England have announced the squad which will be aiming to retain the Six Nations Cup men’s crown in Ireland next month.

Newly-crowned Red Dragon Welsh Open champion Scott Mitchell will lead the England men’s team, with Jamie Hughes, Mark McGeeney, Dennis Harbour and James Hurrell completing the line-up for the current holders.

Lisa Ashton, Deta Hedman and Lorraine Winstanley make up the ladies team, who will be looking to regain the trophy they lost to Wales last year.

Rhian Edwards will captain the Wales ladies side, which includes Katie Bellerby and Rhian Griffiths.

Martin Phillips leads the Wales men’s team and is joined by Jim Williams, Nick Kenny, Wayne Warren and Mark Layton.

Scotland are set to be led by Ross Montgomery, with Alan Soutar, Steve Ritchie and Steve Mitchell completing the men’s line-up and Frances Lawson, Lorraine Hyde and Kate Smith comprising the ladies team.

The Republic of Ireland team sees Michael Meaney joined by Thomas Concannon, John Flood, Gerry O’Hara, Dave O’Connor, Steve Lennon, Linda Harte, Robyn Byrne, Veronice Skeffington and Olive McIntyre.

Davy Glenn heads the Northern Ireland squad, which includes Neil Duff, Kyle McKinstry, Rodney Greer, Colin McGarry, Grace Crane, Kayleigh O’Neill, Gail Mullen and Charlene Kane.

The Netherlands men’s team will be spearheaded by Wesley Harms, Danny Noppert, Richard Veenstra, Jeffrey Sparidaans and Gino Vos, while the ladies team is made up of Anca Zijlstra, Aileen de Graaf and Sharon Prins.

The three-day event takes place at the Great Southern Hotel Sligo in Ireland on June 24-26.

2016 Six Nations Cup Squads

Scott Mitchell
Jamie Hughes
Mark McGeeney
James Hurrell
Dennis Harbour
Lisa Ashton
Deta Hedman
Lorraine Winstanley

Ross Montgomery
Alan Soutar
Steve Ritchie
Craig Quinn
Steve Mitchell
Frances Lawson
Lorraine Hyde
Kate Smith

Martin Phillips
Jim Williams
Nick Kenny
Mark Layton
Wayne Warren
Rhian Edwards
Katie Bellerby
Rhian Griffiths

Republic of Ireland
Michel Meeaney
Thomas Concannon
Gerry O’Hara
John Flood
Dave O’Connor
Steve Lennon
Linda Harte
Robyn Byrne
Olive McIntyre
Veronice Skeffington

Northern Ireland
Davy Glenn
Neil Duff
Kyle McKinstry
Rodney Greer
Colin McGarry
Grace Crane
Kayleigh O’Neill
Gail Mullen
Charlene Kane

Wesley Harms
Danny Noppert
Richard Veenstra
Jeffrey Sparidaans
Gino Vos
Anca Zijlstra
Aileen de Graaf
Sharon Prins


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