Lynn and Montgomery come through play-offs to qualify for BDO World Trophy at Lakeside

PICTURE: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Barry Lynn and Ross Montgomery came through play-offs at Wolverhampton today to qualify for the BDO World Trophy at Lakeside in three weeks.

Lynn, who reached the quarter-finals of the PDC Coral UK Open and won a Challenge Tour event earlier this year, edged past Bradley Kirk 6-5 in the final round of qualifying.

Montgomery was beaten in the final of the inaugural World Trophy by James Wilson back in 2014, and the Scot booked his place in the 2016 edition with a 6-4 victory over Martin C Atkins.

Ryan Joyce and Nick Kenny were the other two players to qualify for the men’s event, while Laura Turner and Rhian Griffiths snapped up the two places available in the women’s competition.

This year’s World Trophy takes place at the end of this month on May 28-30 and is being held at the Lakeside Country Club, after a switch of venues from Manchester’s Victoria Warehouse was announced last week.

The tournament will also be shown live on free to air television channel Dave and has an increased total prize fund of £150,000.

The winner of the men’s event will take away £20,000, the women’s champion wins £4,000, while a £50,000 nine darter bonus is also up for grabs.

2016 BDO World Trophy Play-Offs

Men’s first round
Craig Spriggs 6-4 Andrew Rose
Kyle Goffin 0-6 Dennis Harbour
Andrew Foster 0-6 John Watson
Scott Baker 6-3 David Carr
Michael Baker 5-6 Dafydd Edwards
Matthew Dicken lost to Lewis McGurn
Mick Connerton 1-6 Lloyd Pennell
Martin C Atkins 6-0 Richard Bennett
Carl Dennell lost to Szablinski Marcin
Steve Pearce 6-1 Dean Coe
Mick Savvery 6-4 Alan Carter
Gary Stafford 6-3 Jordan Singh
Nick Kenny 6-0 Michael Waterworth
Frazer Hill 3-6 David Neads
Matt Smith 6-4 Michael McFall
Dion Newman 1-6 John Walton
Kevin McDine 6-3 Richard Winder
Aaron Turner 3-6 Wayne Pepper
Colin Snead 3-6 Mark Burns
Paul Hampton lost to Stuart White
Bradley Kirk 6-4 Craig Hill
Richie Edwards 6-1 Danny Key
Dave Bird lost to Simon Stainton
Chris Ware 4-6 Steve Alker
Mark Pritchard 3-6 Pip Blackwell
Michael Haines 6-1 Sylwester Pazio
Terry Nash lost to Barry Davies
Shaun Carroll 6-2 Dean Allsopp
Callum Goffin 2-6 Martin Atkins
George Cressey 1-6 Ryan Joyce
Kallum Graham 1-6 Anthony Urmston-Toft
Ben Green 6-5 Chris Fidler
Raymond Singh 1-6 Dave Prins

Second round
Brandon Walsh 1-6 Garry Thompson
Scott McParlin 0-6 Ross Montgomery
Allan Edwards 6-4 Stephen Carrett
David Bird 6-5 Craig Spriggs
Dennis Harbour 6-1 John Watson
Scott Baker 6-0 Dafydd Edwards
Lewis McGurn 6-1 Lloyd Pennell
Martin C Atkins 6-0 Szablinski Marcin
Aleksandr Zalewski 3-6 Richard Langlois
Mark Layton 6-1 Doug Harwood
Jamie Holmes 2-6 Mark Craddock
Steve Pearce 6-3 Mick Savvery
Gary Stafford 3-6 Nick Kenny
David Neads 6-0 Matt Smith
John Walton 5-6 Kevin McDine
Richard Selby 6-1 Adam Ward
Barry Lynn 6-4 Matthew Padgett
Lee Russell 6-0 Paul Johnston
Matthew Kipping 2-6 Steve Douglas
Wayne Pepper 6-3 Mark Burns
Stuart White 0-6 Bradley Kirk
Richie Edwards 6-0 Simon Stainton
Steve Alker 4-6 Pip Blackwell
Paul Brown 6-2 Krystian Bartkow
Rhys Griffin 6-2 Richard Jones
Kevin Thoburn 6-3 Derek Lumley
Adam Beck 4-6 Steven Ritchie
Michael Haynes 6-3 Barry Davies
Shaun Carroll 5-6 Martin Atkins
Ryan Joyce 6-2 Anthony Urmston-Toft
Ben Green 6-3 Dave Prins

Third round
Garry Thompson 4-6 Ross Montgomery
Allan Edwards 4-6 David Bird
Dennis Harbour 6-4 Scott Baker
Lewis McGurn 5-6 Martin C Atkins
Richard Langlois 1-6 Mark Layton
Mark Craddock bye
Steve Pearce 0-6 Nick Kenny
David Neads 5-6 Kevin McDine
Richard Selby 1-6 Barry Lynn
Lee Russell 6-2 Steve Douglas
Wayne Pepper 2-6 Bradley Kirk
Richie Edwards 2-6 Pip Blackwell
Paul Brown 5-6 Rhys Griffin
Kevin Thoburn 5-6 Steven Ritchie
Michael Haynes 3-6 Martin Atkins
Ryan Joyce 6-3 Ben Green

Fourth round
Ross Montgomery 6-2 David Bird
Dennis Harbour 3-6 Martin C Atkins
Mark Layton 6-1 Mark Craddock
Nick Kenny 6-5 Kevin McDine
Barry Lynn 6-5 Lee Russell
Bradley Kirk 6-5 Pip Blackwell
Rhys Griffin 6-1 Steven Ritchie
Martin Atkins 3-6 Ryan Joyce

Final round
Ross Montgomery 6-4 Martin C Atkins
Mark Layton 4-6 Nick Kenny
Barry Lynn 6-5 Bradley Kirk
Rhys Griffin 4-6 Ryan Joyce

Women’s first round
Sue Cusick 0-4 Appylee Jones

Second round
Louise Simmonds 4-1 Julie Gore
Elaine Powell 3-4 Laura Turner
Shirley Carrett lost to Maggie Sutton
Chris Savvery 3-4 Anne-Marie Swindles
Heather Lodge 0-4 Claire Brookin
Sue Edwards 3-4 Danielle Ashton
Carla Boyes 2-4 Ann-Marie Potts
Rhian Griffiths 4-3 Appylee Jones

Third round
Louise Simmonds 2-4 Laura Turner
Maggie Sutton 4-1 Anne-Marie Swindles
Claire Brookin 4-1 Danielle Ashton
Ann-Marie Potts 2-4 Rhian Griffiths

Final round
Laura Turner 4-1 Maggie Sutton
Claire Brookin 2-4 Rhian Griffiths


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