Nicholson calls for BDO to cut all ties with the De:Luxe Group


Paul Nicholson has called for the BDO to cut all the ties they have with the De:Luxe Group following the latest setback, which saw a press conference cancelled at short notice last week.

The BDO were set to announce a deal with a free to air broadcaster to screen live coverage of next month’s World Trophy in the UK last Thursday, but the conference was called off the day before.

With rising suspicions that the De:Luxe Group are involved with the organising of the World Trophy, Nicholson believes the BDO should sever ties with the events company.

“The fact that this company has come along and basically run amuck of their system when they had a little bit of real momentum going, it doesn’t feel right,” said Nicholson, speaking on the Let’s Talk Darts podcast last week.

“I implore the BDO people to get rid of this De:Luxe Group as soon as possible, do their own thing and just get in that office and fix this mess.

“De:Luxe are going to run the BDO into the ground, and I don’t care who you are in the darting universe, nobody wants to see that right now.

“There are players who have a home in the BDO. They have tournaments that they want to play in and there’s definitely room for both PDC and BDO right now.”

Listen to last week’s episode of the Let’s Talk Darts podcast below


One thought on “Nicholson calls for BDO to cut all ties with the De:Luxe Group”

  1. One of the best commentators I ever had the pleasure of listening too. Very true about there being enough room in the darting world for two organizations especially with the PDC showing no real interest in terms of entering the BDO’s market. But it does look like the current management of the BDO is grasping at straws in terms of how they are trying to move it forward.


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