A Darter’s Diary with Ricky Williams: Time to put things right after missing last events


Well it has certainly been an interesting month for myself. I was a bit stupid and I missed the deadline for the Players Championship triple header.

It was a terrible mix up really. I was changing bank details as I had a new account, my sponsor never had the new account number and he was going on holiday.

So I thought I would wait until he gets back and as soon as he got back it completely slipped my mind, and I was half an hour too late to enter myself in.

I was inconsolable for about a week after, but it was one of those misunderstandings that I’m hoping won’t happen again.

I’ve set every reminder on my phone and my girlfriend’s phone so I shouldn’t ever miss another deadline to enter the tournaments.

I’ve had to make a laugh and a joke out of it, but I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the results from the weekend.

I went out to Benidorm and had a week out there just after the Players Championship events were coming to an end.

Me and my partner Paul Hogan, who plays on the BDO circuit, won the Benidorm Classic pairs. That was a nice little bonus and Paul won the singles as well.

I didn’t do too well in the singles. I wasn’t too well the night before, I was up all night being sick.

Then I woke up the following day and I was fine, so it was just one of those 24 hour bugs unfortunately.

Me and Paul have played pairs before and won a couple of competitions, and he played really well. It was nice to get away from that disappointment of missing the deadlines, and to be honest going to Benidorm was probably the reason I missed the deadline.

I kept thinking about the holiday. I was originally flying from Manchester after the Players Championship events finished.

I was trying to fit in work as well, and I know you’re meant to be professional, but it’s difficult juggling everything by yourself.

“You should never forget to enter a tournament but it’s one of those things”

A lot of the top players just have to turn up to tournaments. They don’t have to worry about things like putting your entry in on time.

But you should never forget to enter a tournament. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve entered myself in on time for next weekend in Barnsley.

It’s a double header in the Players Championship and hopefully I can get some more money on the board. This next month is quite a big month for me now.

I’ve been back to work quite regularly recently so practise has been limited, but I’m hoping after this week to get back on the board and put in the hours.

In the last month I’ve seen a chiropractor because I’ve had a bad back and shoulders for a couple of years. There’s never really a good time to fit it in but obviously you’ve got to do it.

It has affected me as I’m still in pain, but I’m hoping in a few months I’ll be playing darts without any pain for the first time in a long time.

With the job I do, I’m a painter and decorator, you’re always using your shoulder.

When you’re in pain you can’t practise for as long as you like and I’ve always said I play my better darts when I’m not working. But when you miss tournaments you’ve got to work to get money.

I’m looking forward to getting back on the PDC tour next weekend and hopefully getting some results.


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