World Trophy conference is called off a day before due date


The BDO’s television deal is clouded in deep uncertainty after the organisation postponed its planned press conference, less than 24 hours before it was due to take place.

Darts Weekly understands the press conference was set to be held at The Landmark Hotel in London at 1pm on Thursday, however on Wednesday afternoon it was called off due to ‘unforeseen circumstances.’

Last week the BDO put up a press release on their website stating that ‘major free to air TV coverage’ had been secured for next month’s World Trophy event.

The organisation also announced there would be a press conference in London this week to reveal the details of their partnership with a new promoter and broadcaster.

Chairman of the BDO, Sue Williams, said last week: “The other developments that we will be announcing next week (this week) are set to change the face of the BDO and our loyal players, members and fans will be delighted with the news we have for them.”


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