Darts Firsts with… Tony Newell


The 2014 and 2016 Q-School winner, Tony Newell, talks us through his darts memories

First darts memory?

Propping up a dartboard on the settee when I was about four or five-years-old and hitting a bullseye straight away!

First darts hero?

Bobby George.

First set of darts?

The first set I remember buying were 23g Dennis Priestley darts.

First darts team?

The first team I played for was the Royal British Legion in the Grange and District League.

First game on TV?

It was in the last 64 of the UK Open this year against Adrian Lewis. I had beaten Paul Hogan 6-1 in the previous round and was then drawn out to play Adrian on the main stage at Minehead. I lost 9-1 but it was a great experience and I learnt a lot from it.

First nine darter?

I’ve only hit the one and it was last year. I got up in the morning, went downstairs to put the kettle on while only in my boxers. I had a chuck and hit a nine darter! I just need to learn to do it fully clothed now!

First professional tournament win?

I’m still waiting for a win on the Pro Tour but I have got straight through Q-School twice, and both times on the third day! In the 2014 Q-School I beat Dave Ladley 5-0 in the final round to win my tour card, and at the start of this year I beat John Michael 5-2 to get another two years on the PDC’s main tour.


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