Darts Firsts with… Darron Brown


PDC tour card holder, Darron Brown, talks us through his darts memories

First darts memory?

It was watching the World Championship finals involving the likes of Eric Bristow, John Lowe and Jocky Wilson. I was hooked from the start.

First darts hero?

My first darts hero was John Lowe. I loved the fact he was from my county Derbyshire and his throwing action is up there with the best.

First set of darts?

My first set were given to me by a local darts superstar Ray Mosley, bless him. I’m not sure of the make but they were like what Ted Hankey’s darts are now.

First darts team?

I first started playing in a local pub team when I was around 19 or 20. The pub was called the Lord Byron and the team won everything in my first year there.

First game on TV?

I’ve only ever appeared on TV once and that was only a few seconds at this year’s UK Open. I lost in the second round to Ryan Harrington, who then went and played Michael van Gerwen on the main stage.

First nine darter?

My first nine darter came when I was practising a few years back. I hit my first one in a game on 12/12/2012 in a singles league I set up in the Ripley area.

First professional tournament win?

I’ve not won a professional competition yet but I’ve won loads of ‘big girls’ competitions in the Derbyshire area!


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