Darts Firsts with… Michael Smith


The Premier League new boy, Michael Smith, talks us through his darts memories

First darts memory?

It was watching my first-ever match in 2007 between Gary Anderson and Phil Taylor. When Anderson won it made me want to play, watching someone hit so many 180s and beat up the best player was amazing.

First darts hero?

Gary Anderson as my last answer will explain (laughs).

First set of darts?

They were a £10 set of 27 gram bombers (laughs). I couldn’t tell you what make they were though!

First darts team?

That was playing for my auntie’s pub. I used to struggle to play because I was awful and still am, but I get by now! They play me in local leagues unless I’m not playing dominoes (laughs).

First game on TV?

I think it was on Nuts TV for a programme called New Kids on the Oche. That was a long time ago.

First nine darter?

I can’t remember my first nine darter in practice but in a match it was at the St Anne’s Open. I think I was 17 or 18 and I got £90 for it, but then Chizzy (Dave Chisnall) hit one later on and took half of it!

First professional tournament win?

My first Pro Tour win, I couldn’t tell you what year it was, but I remember just coming back from two broken wrists. I managed to win my board after only dropping two legs and then in the last 16 I was 5-1 down to Robert Thornton and battled back. I beat Chizzy 6-5 in the final to win it.


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