Darts Firsts with… Daryl Gurney


The Northern Irish thrower, Daryl Gurney, talks us through his darts memories…

First darts memory?

Hitting a 180 when I was 12-years-old and winning my first league game at the age of 13.

First darts hero?

Mitchell Crooks. A former teammate of mine and the former manager of the Northern Ireland darts team. He played against Ronnie Baxter at Lakeside one time during his darting career.

First set of darts?

They were 26 grams, I’m not sure of the make but I won them at a father-son darts themed youth club at my secondary school.

First darts team?

I first played alongside my father for a local pub called Villas when I was 13, and continue to play for them to this day when I get a chance. My first county experience was for a team called Area 6.

First game on TV?

I got to the final of the Europe Cup Singles in 2008 while I was in the BDO, but Mark Webster beat me.

First nine darter?

It was in practice and I’m going to guess I was about 16 or 17. I’ve never hit one during a game, but I have missed double 12 five weeks in a row in different competitions.

First professional tournament win?

My first win was the England Masters in 2012 while I was in the BDO. That same year I won the Northern Ireland Open as well. I then left the BDO later that year and made the transfer over to the PDC, and hope to win my first tournament with them in the very near future.


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