Andrew Devonshire’s Game Shot: Time for a revamp?


Shortly after Gary Anderson defended the William Hill World Darts Championship, attention turned to the announcement for the line-up of players who will contest this year’s Premier League.

We all know that the format is ‘exhibition’ style. No ranking points are awarded and while it does give us weekly darts on Sky Sports for three months, more often than not the line-up of players only differs slightly from the previous year.

I’m pretty sure all knowledgeable darts fans would have picked this year’s line-up of 10 players!

Surely it’s time to spice things up and give darts fans something different to look forward to.

Why not select five players from the PDC and then five players from the BDO? This would make for interesting matches every week and give fans something different than the usual games we see.

Hands up who would prefer to watch an evening of the Premier League which consisted of games such as Anderson v Durrant, van Gerwen v Adams, Taylor v Waites, Lewis v Mitchell and so on?

People will argue if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, but sometimes you need to tinker and give fans something new.

Only having five players from each organisation will also add pressure to the players to perform throughout the year if they want to make the line-up.

There’s also the added spice of BDO vs PDC which the fans find intriguing at the Grand Slam and is one of the most popular events on the darting calendar.

So come on guys who make the big decisions in the PDC, darts is moving at such a fast pace and we can push it further.

We want to see different faces and matches. It would be competitive, entertaining and controversial: the perfect recipe for success!


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